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Name:☣ Loki Laufeyson ☣

Born of Jotunhiem, walks with the Æsir.
Panic, chaos disorder, my work here is done.

So once upon a time there was a magical land of gods and goddesses, it sat at the top of a magic tree that held nine worlds. These gods of the magic world called Asgard called themselves the enemies of the frost giants of Jotunhiem a neighboring world. One of the giants of this world whom was a master of magic and a shape shifter no less called himself a blood brother to the Æsir's king Odin. They had a very love hate relationship. The king of the Æsir, Odin was one of the only people this magical being of Jotunhiem feared. However one keeps their friends close and their enemies closer or so it is said.

The king of the Æsir was blood brother to the being of Jotunhiem. Here we give you his name. Loki, the son of Fárbauti and Laufey. Though not of Æsir blood he was counted amonst them even given a title as a god, the god of Fire and Mischief. You're typical trickster of course.

So here be his tales...

|That boy is a monster |
|| ☣ Fenrir ☣ || ☣ Jörmungandr ☣ || ☣ Hel ☣ ||
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