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2022-07-01 05:39 pm
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As you can likely see from the icons, this is not Marvel Loki. Though the mun does indeed play him and you can find him over at [personal profile] ihasanarmy This is Loki from Mythology, a Jotun born who was allowed and counted among the gods, the blood brother of Odin.

Sounds better then Marvel? Not really, though the trickster is not the son of Odin and brother of Thor he was still very close to them when shit hit the fan in Asgard who did they turn to? The clever one, most of his schemes always helped the gods in the end unless it was straight out for personal gain. However little credit for any good he did was ever given.

Though married to one of the Vanir goddesses, named Sigyn for whom he sired two sons. Whom will be mentioned later, Loki bore two children of his own body an unnamed troll after eating the burned heart of a witch, and the steed of Odin, Sleipnir whom was born only because the gods are cheat and don't wish to pay for work done, okay so theirs more to it then that. Though having a very loyal wife who has stuck by him in thick and thin Loki is not above cheating on her and has and will boast about it if he sees sport in it.

In the end as with any version of Loki, in the end he is always after his own means or avoiding Odin's wrath.
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2012-07-25 01:51 pm
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Hello hello~! I figured I would put up a post and see if anyone had any plotting ideas or story lines they may want to do~!

I'm open for any and almost all ideas, even verses. So please feel free to speak up and let me know~!
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2012-07-05 09:30 pm