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Log; Loki comes home

Loki had been called away again, this time to ride with Thor to the gates of Nelfhiem, it was not something easy for him to do. To see the daughter he was not permitted to see outside of offical business for Odin. The ride took some nine days on horseback even with the Bifrost. It was nearly a month before the two returned this time. Odin's ravens coming back and forth with messages as their mission had been completed they had stopped off on Midgard on the way home which was what took so long, misadventures the two always seemed to find themselves in.

it was during this absence that Sigyn was paid a visit by one whom had not been permitted to the wedding, Loki's own mother Laufey, the one whose name he carries. She had not come alone but with his elder brother Helblindi. Laufey was a thin woman who was built much like Loki in regards of being thin but beautiful, she didn't have much mass too her hard to believe she had birthed three sons to her husband. She held herself responsible for Loki as his father had wished to kill him at birth for his small sickly nature, but she had not allowed it she had nursed and raised him until he was strong enough to be on his own.

It was the servents that had let the two in before Sigyn knew, they waited for her in the sitting room, Helblindi was big like Thor but his eyes forever shut, sewn shut no less to hide the milky blind orbs behind them, his hair was the same fiery red as his younger brothers only shorter, just long enough to hide half of his face. Laufey had moved to greet her daughter in law with kisses to both cheeks and a hug. She had never had a daughter and Býleistr's bride was one whom was so scared of her husband Fárbauti, she would not even step into their home. so she had been excited over the idea of a daughter in law whom she had so long been denied seeing.

"I have come to meet the woman married to my precious Loki, please come meet his older brother Helblindi"

The two Jotun's had stayed till late afternoon, Laufey and Helblindi telling Sigyn what a loving but wiful boy Loki had been before he feel into his friendship with the Allfather and left home. All these stories that Laufey had heard of her sons acts of evil tore at her heart. Laufey had told her that she was deeply saddened by the way her son was treating her, arranged or not she had thought she had raised him better. Before she left after his brother had actually hugged Sigyn and thanked her for such kindness which was the most he had said without being cut off by his mother, had gone outside to fetch the horses. he may be blind but he was still useful.

Laufey had slipped Sigyn aside handing her a few things "These my lovely are Cubeb berries, crush these into whatever you make for Loki when he returns for the next week, it will put him in your command. Not mind control but keep him from going astray for awhile and if the sly creature figures that out these will help you more. Magnolia Leaves, place them under his side of your bed and it will bring marital happiness, should you have a mojo bag place it inside as well and it will make him unable to preform for other women." She smiled some before touching her cheek. "Never hesitate to visit us, please do bring my baby and visit some time." She repeated before setting out with her son. They had come all this way to stop Loki from bringing more shame to his name or to the daughter of Odin.

It was an hour or so after they left that one of the servants called out "MISTRESS! THE MASTER IS HOME!" Just off the hillside in the opposite direction that Laufey and Helblindi had left was a flash of bright red and green, Loki's cape and hair were always easiest to spot, his horse going at fast speeds as it was pouring as the sun had only set awhile ago. The servents were heading down quickly a change of clothes for Loki and ready to take the horse to the stables.

He did not take the change of clothes simply made his way in once the horse was taken away his boots dragging mud inside before he removed them and moved over to the fire dripping water behind him, the red locks were drenched and he felt cold despite himself. He dropped a bag at his side he had actually brought things back with him this time besides tomes and gold.

"Is Sigyn in or is she with her father?" He questioned the servent nearest him.
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When Loki had been called away for whatever task her father had asked of him, she hadn’t even properly said goodbye to him and she had spent most of her time visiting people without feeling that bothered of all the talking that seemed to follow her husband around, she had noticed that most of the gossip aimed at her happened when he was around and she could move about calmly when he wasn’t around, thus she enjoyed it spending most of her time with Frigg and Höðr.

Though Sigyn hadn’t expected the visits of her in laws and she had been a bit shell shocked by it, just like with the way Laufey had treated her and at the very least she could expect to get along with her mother in law, she had even enjoyed the tales about her husband when he was younger and she had worked her best to cause the best of impressions to them, which had apparently worked just fine.

She had even gotten a hug from his brother; she supposed that was a victory on her part. Also this was apparently a day full of surprises considering the parting gifts her mother in law gave her, being as well versed as she was she knew quite well the uses of the magnolia leaves and the cubeb berries, her own mother had used those berries and even gave them to some of her worshippers in the past, still she smiled at her. “Thank you and for your invitation as well, we will make sure to do so.”

Figuring that she had nothing to lose and wanting some sort of payback as well, she tasked her hand-maiden to get the mojo from her room and then meet her in the room she shared with her husband from times to times, carefully she moved tearing the bedding a bit, slidding the leaves and mojo, before quickly sewn it shut while her maid giggled behind her. Sigyn quickly fixed the bed and then handed the berries to her maid, having decided not to use those since she didn’t felt the need to do so, before she moved to the room that Loki used on the times they didn’t wanted to be together, having the forethought of dividing the leaves and mojo, before moving to repeat the process on that bed as well.

The young goddess had just finished, fixing the bed so nothing will look amiss when the call of his arrival was heard. Quickly she left his room and moved to hers, to make herself look a bit more presentable. Being quite unaware that her beloved maid, one that was quite fond of her mistress and decided to be the one to use berries instead, the handmaiden quickly crushed them and mixed into a goblet with warm mead, before moving quickly to offer it to the master of the house, figuring he might enjoy the warm drink considering how deplorable he looked. “Here my lord, have something to drink.” With a rather respectful bow, she gave him the goblet. “The mistress is home, I will go fetch her.”

The maid left quickly, meeting her mistress half the way, Sigyn just smiled at her and dismissed her to make sure the evening meal was being prepared now that her husband was here. When she stepped in the room her husband was she looked rather presentable, with her hair perfectly brushed and wearing a fitting white dress, though she had to frown at how pathetic he looked at the moment.

“Welcome home, Loki.”
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The reason her maids were so loyal was due to the fact that considering all the goddess out there, Sigyn was really the kindest and the one that treated them all the best compared to others, thus not a single one will even dare to look at Loki in any way beyond as the wife of the kind mistress they had and they had might also been threatened by Freya that if they did, she will personally kill them since they were maids and thus easy to be replaced.

But from all the maids, Eira was the most loyal to Sigyn and the one that had been especially handpicked to serve the young goddess since she was a young girl by Freya herself and she had grown so attached to her, almost viewing her as a younger sister even and yes, Eira wasn’t particularly happy of the way the master of the house treated her, which was why she was making sure to make sure even his food was spiked with those berry things.

“Did Thor do anything to bother you?” And now that was a bit strange, that comment about riding for her since they didn’t rode as that much together and the times they had it was because they had happened across the other. With a sigh she moved to take his offered hand. “You should change then, my lord, you still have some time to even take a warm bath before the meal is served.”
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Yes, Freya was a jealous and didn’t liked to share lovers, she was angry Odin was with Frigg but she didn’t minded being still lovers with him, though at the very least Sigyn was now a bit reassured that her mother at least loved her enough to avoid getting any further exploits with her husband once they had married, not that she didn’t knew Freya loved her in her own particular way but this just showed it a bit more and she was thankful for it, just like she appreciated that her husband never brought lovers home (just like Thor had done on more than one time) and at least he respected her in that manner.

And really Loki better not try to hurt her handmaiden, tricks with the berries or not, because if he tries she was going to make sure his life was a worse hell than what it already was, she was attached to Eira and she was the only true friend Sigyn had outside from her direct family and he better not do anything to hurt her.

Sigyn rolled her eyes a bit once she was told the tale, really she should have know that her brother will do something stupid to get them in trouble and she also knew that at some point her husband was going to lose his patience with him. “Very well then,” She took the mead goblet and walked upstairs, motioning to some nearby maids to follow her and prepare the bath for her husband. The woman just watched them work while wondering just what in the name of Odin her husband might have brought to her.
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Both of her parents were rather jealous and kind of possessive lovers, it made her wonder sometimes how they had managed to stick together for so long but then she supposed it was due to their prides and not wanting to be the first one to give up in this affair of theirs. Even if her father had to sacrifice his daughter to keep both his lover and his blood brother close, or sacrificing a man that was completely loyal to him. And that respect she appreciated as well since it meant something to her at the very least.

Her handmaiden is careful, she had been always careful when it came to using some magical stuff and the things with the leaves, well Sigyn wasn’t sure if they were going to actually work or not, but she didn’t lost anything by trying them out after all.

They were both patient beings, Sigyn had learned to be patient since the very start considering the people she lived with and she had always been praised for it, and she had heard of him even before he arrived to them but never paid much heed to the tales her brother will tell of him since she was focused on the lessons Frigg provided for her and then Loki had come to Asgard, she really hadn’t had any idea he was going to be weaved into her life in such a way.

Sigyn just blinked when she saw the dresses on his arms and the rather sparkly necklaces, they looked to be of quite a fine quality and she had to wonder just how he had gotten a hold of them. “Are those my gifts?”
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Odin was a selfish man and that was all, all that mattered was for everything to remain as he wanted and with what he was familiar with, whatever the rest wanted was secondary and not as important as his wants and needs. The situation Sigyn and Loki were stuck in at the moment were just a proof of such things.

And she will really need to wait and see if the leaves worked or not, if it did she would find it a bit amusing once Loki tried to perform and his body didn’t responded to him, a fitting punishment for him she supposed.

Yes, his tales with his adventures with her father had been going around but she wasn’t one that liked to hear tales that much, she had only indulged Odin because it was the only time he spent when her when she was younger. About the tale with Sleipnir, she had never dared to ask but she supposed that it had been an accident, a terrible accident and miscalculation from Loki’s part. Also she wouldn’t be surprised if he ever mentioned to her that he didn’t remembered prior to their wedding, she tended to be very low key after all.

“I will then.” Placing the goblet with mead on one of the tables, she moved closer to the bed and touched the dresses before turning to look at him. “Go take your bath, it’s already prepared for you and I’m sure you are cold.”
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It is the best punishment someone like him could have and considering she has easy access for Magnolia leaves and mojo, he will be punished for quite a long time since it might as well teach him a well deserved lesson to him. And well, we will see if Sigyn will be willing to fulfill his needs every time he comes home and finds out he can only perform with her.

And thus she had never asked, she had feared the answer because if he confirmed it was a miscalculation and he hadn’t been meant to be caught will made her horrified over the fact Sleipnir was the product of rape and made her feel bad for him over the fact that some gods and goddesses still mocked him over that fact. And yes, she suspected he didn’t remember her and she wouldn’t be surprised nor insulted for it.

Sigyn was long past the stage she will blush and look away when he was naked, she looked at him and nodded before moving to get rid of her dress and try the ones he had brought for her. The first one was the light blue one and that fitted her quite nicely, it felt rather comfortable as well. When she tried the red one…she found a bit of an issue, while it fit her, a small frown appeared on her face while she tried to fix the front.

“Hmm, Loki…I think we might need to fix this one.” She moved inside the bathroom so he could see, she once again tried to fit the front and cover the rather deep cleavage, clearly not fitting as well from the chest area apparently she had grown a bit. “It looks as if…I’m going to spill out of this dress.”
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Maybe she will further his punishment by making his believe that she is willing and then right before anything could be said and done, she will pull back and stop before they end having relations, that will be awful wouldn’t it?

She had actually seen the way he held himself when there were jokes about Sleipnir, some have even dared to throw some of the jokes at her about whether he will be the one carrying their children and there had even been talks about how their children will look like, if they will be monsters like the others he had sired or not. She had frowned at those jokes, not because it bothered her about what her children might look like, but due to the insensitivity showed in them since she knew Loki had loved his children.

With a sigh she moved closer to him and tried to adjust the dress one last time. “I have noticed that mortals seem to be quite eager to change their fashion nowadays.” And well surprise she’s not glaring at that comment about her chest, she just looks down and rests her hands over them. “I am quite aware of it, Loki; I have needed to tailor new dresses since they have gotten tighter in the chest area, rather bothersome.”

She raised an eyebrow at him and smirked. “Why yes..I suppose, the dress seems also quite determinate to allow my breasts to spill out for everyone to see.”