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Don't mess with me.
The youngest son of Fárbauti and Laufey of Jotunhiem Loki had been born small by the standards of the Jotun and though many though he should be abbandoned much like Spartian babies Laufey would not allow it. Loki was raised and quickly showed despite his small size he was just as strong and powerful as his brothers and the rest of the children.
AS time passed and Loki and his power grew he ventured from home for the first time he met Odin the first of Asgard and leader of the Aesir, the two shared many adventures before they swore an oath in blood to be brothers forever.
Then Odin showed he was kind of a dick. Causing Loki to get himself raped by a super strong stallion and bore a little colt named Sleipnir when he returned to Asgard he gave his first born over to Odin as a present. Never again getting to see his son outside of in the stables or when allowed to borrow him.
From here he had many misaventures with Thor and the other Children of Odin all trying to gain the leaders praise. At some point in all of these adventures Loki feel in love for the first time, true love in his mind. With the Witch of the Iron Woods, she bore him three monsterous children that they loved dearly. He did not tell Odin about his family and lived happily away from the Aesir until the youngest Hel was in almost 10. That was when Odin and the gods came down upon their home pulling Loki out by his beautiful hair and stealing away the children whom were cast out. Jörmungandr thrown to the ocean, Hel to the land of the dead and Fenrir returned to Asgard where Loki was drug as well, after Angrboda was set on fire and the gods laughed as she died. Loki rushed over and stole her heart from her burning body and ate it. AS a way to keep her alive.
Less then three weeks later Loki was informed that he would be getting married which he did not take well. Married to Sigyn, one of Odin's youngest children whom was set to marry Heimdallr but was given to Loki instead as a peace offering, Loki and Sigyn both asked for this not to be done but Odin cared not and married them off. Almost two weeks after the marriage Loki awoke one day trapped in his female form and snuck out before his wife could wake vanishing for almost two months before returning Ill. The gods joked and laughed as he would not tell where he had been that he was off on a sexual escapade...however he had been hiding in the Ironwoods where he paid for eatting his lovers heart by birthing a troll. He did not name it and and dropped it with the trolls he knew of before he went off to heal. He has never spoken to a soul about it but the Trolls know, they knew when they touched the child.
The trickster still cheats on his wife but he's at least trying to make things less horrible for her.
Loki stands at 6'6 which is a pretty good size for a Aesir but small for a Jotun. He was blessed with almost unbeleivable good looks that boardlined that of a woman while still holding his uniquely male traits.

He has deep thick cooper red hair to the middle of his back, it is not always brushed but the color draws attention. As a few of Odin's children have cooper hair many joke that Odin's blood brother is really one of his illigentamate children.

He has the ability to change his form at will and most often changes it to that of a woman.

As a man he wears mostly furs and leathers with the chest not opened, not fining red chest hair attractive, he is one of the few whom speak to the Aesir whom when he shaves his face he also will often take the blade down his chest. The trickster often grows a beard but when it's vanished for awhile he's clearly been using his female side.
NAME: Loki Laufeyson
NICKNAMES: The Trickster, Silver Tongue, The father of Lies, The Sly One.
AGE: Old as hell.
GENDER: Whatever he wants, chooses Male.
HAIR: red
EYES: Green
BUILD: A slim but athletic build

MARITAL STATUS: Married, but a ho-bag
SEXUALITY: Pansexuality
OCCUPATION: God of CHaos, Mischief, lies and Fire
RESIDENCE: Lives both on Asgard and Jotunhiem.
Rolling In The Deep
Fiona Apple
Lady Gaga
The God That Failed
The Nobodies
Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Nine Inch Nails
The Preyingmantis
Porcelain and the Tramps
The Prodigy
Black Black Heart
David Usher
Loki God of Fire
LIKES: mischief, plans, battle, honor, Odin's praises, pleasures of the flesh, magic, knowlage.
DISLIKES: Getting caught, horse rape, being submissive, Idiots, being belittled, Odin's rage, Thor's temper
OTHER: Apples, enjoys reading old tomes, Randomly wanders away for months on end.

PARENTS: Fárbauti, Laufey
SIBLINGS: Helblindi, Býleistr
CHILDREN: Hel, Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Sleipnir

FRIENDS: Odin, Thor, Fandral, Hoder, Freya
ENEMIES: Heimdall, Tyr, Balder
NEUTRAL: Njord, Nanna, Lorelei

Loki cheated again and hell breaks lose.

Song battle in morden music.
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