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Omerta .::. Mafia AU Verses

The boys a timebomb.
Born Liam Ohlrich to a drug runner father and a run away/prosistute for a mother, Liam was never meant to be born. He was born when his mother was 15 so he was put in the care of his much older father, which was possibly the worst thing they could have done. To "Dan" his father he was a tax break and a way to get pity from his PO that was until his son started to show how much he was like both parents. In his early teens though being clearly smart a straight A student he was permanitly expelled for breaking another kids nose by curb stomping him, for looking at the girl he liked. It was while sitting outside of the courtroom waiting for his hearing despite being a minor he was alone since 'Dan' could not be bothered to come with him, but another man walked out at that time, someone who would change Liam's life. Owen "Big Daddy Odin" Borson. He had just gotten away with yet another crime, sitting down beside the firey young man the two spoke until Liam was pulled into court, having left an impression on Odin when Liam was told he was free to go he left the court room, 14 years old and walked into the life of a mafia package boy. At 15 two very large things happened in his life first being called over to his girlfriend of months home to see her parents whom had always been kind to him due to his misfortunate upbringing, however this time they were not kind. They informed him that their daughter Tracy was with child almost four months along and just telling them. He promised he would take care of the child and make it no burden on Tracy, which they found to be pretty honorable for the son of Dan Ohlrich, though Liam paniced when he left their home and went to try and make some quick cash so he could get out of Dan's home and make sure he had money set aside to care for the child and show everyone he was much better then either of his parents. So he went to Odin, not telling the man why he needed the money so Odin tested the boys loyaltyby sending him to rob a bank. Liam did not make it out of the bank but those who were sent with him did, two sons of Odin Baldr(Brandon) and Thor (Thomas) who had been told to make sure Liam did not get left, however when a guard tried to shot Thor Liam had shoved him out of the way getting caught himself. He was captured and convicted and never once spilled a word of who was with him or why He did it, the news papers had put in bold the boys brave words on the stand "You can choke on it." He spent the next two years in jail, shocked that Tracy's parents actually brought the baby to see him. Her name was Jane, she had hair close to her mothers tone but with a red tinge and Liam loved her from the moment he held her, though he was still a child himself he knew he would devote his life to her. It was one day in passing that Odin saw Tracy's parents and Jane leaving from a visit with Liam and all made sense. That day a 16 year old nobody became Loki of the family of Aesir, sworn blood brother to Big Daddy Odin himself. When he was released a year later he never saw Dan or even his mother again he was given a flat by Odin and trained to be a hitman. Tracy's parents were caring for Baby Jane still as Tracy had gotten herself in more trouble and had another baby on the way which was not by Loki. So the young man asked if maybe he could take the baby on days he 'Didn't work' they beleiving him to work at the dump, which Big Daddy did infact own and had made the employees swear that if anyone ever asked a red headed boy named Liam worked there but was always off somewhere working. He proved himself to be a wonderful mafiosa and a even better father when he could be. by the age of twenty he had moved his way up the ranks to underboss and moved into a nicer house he started to keep Jane more through the week and would have Lady Frigga, Odin's wife whom loved to spoil the girl, watch her if he had to work. By twenty five Odin decided that Loki's loose ways with women did no good for the reputaion of the family and bullied him into marrying his 17 year old daughter Sigyn. From that moment the coustudy of Jane changed, Loki kept her through the week while her grandparents had her on the weekend.
Loki stands at 6'6 which is a pretty good size for a Aesir but small for a Jotun. He was blessed with almost unbeleivable good looks that boardlined that of a woman while still holding his uniquely male traits. He has deep thick cooper red hair to the middle of his back, it is not always brushed but the color draws attention. As a few of Odin's children have cooper hair many joke that Odin's blood brother is really one of his illigentamate children.


NAME: Liam Ohlrich//Loki
NICKNAMES: The Trickster, Silver Tongue, The father of Lies, The Sly One.
AGE: 32//25.
HAIR: red
EYES: Green
BUILD: A slim but athletic build

I know what I am
Band of SKulls
Time Bomb
Aint NO Rest for the Wicked
Cage the ELephant
The Prodigy
Black Black Heart
David Usher
Song Title
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LIKES: mischief, plans, battle, honor, Odin's praises, pleasures of the flesh, violence, knowlage, princess Jane.
DISLIKES: Getting caught, rats, being submissive, Idiots, being belittled, Odin's rage, Thor's temper
OTHER: Apples, enjoys reading old tomes, Randomly wanders away for months on end.